About the Restaurant

The story behind the name ´Tino´s Tasty Italian Restaurant´

This restaurant is named after my grandfather Modestino Faratro. Modestino was an Italian chef, who worked for many years at Queens Mary Hospital For Children in Carshalton Beeches.

My Nonno worked there for many years and was featured in the local newspaper over the years (viz photos).

Daniela, the owner of the restaurant, has a passion for baking. My Nonno used to love my sweet treats, especially the Cantuccini biscuits. He used to say: Daniela you should open a bakery!! I answered, that if I would ever open my own place, it would be named as Tino´s Tasties. When the opportunity of opening my own restaurant appeared, it seemed only right to call it Tino´s Tasty Italian Restaurant – as a memory of my Nonno!

The Tino´s Tasty Italian Restaurant is opened as a memory of a very special person, a great Italian chef.

He always aimed for exceptional quality and traditional Italian cuisine. As we want to follow in his legacy we guarantee that all our ingredients are purchased fresh and prepared on daily basis. Together with our front house staff, we will try to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.